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It is large inside but seems to be half way between the 6 and the 3 overall.That annoys me a bit because when they compare the Corolla, 3, Focus, Cruze and Golf the Octavia gets overlooked (Rightly so it's a bigger car but so does the Rapid for that matter).I did hear about a pad that wasn't as dusty/soft compound but as usual I forgot the brand, but I'm sure our old mechanic will know and i'll pick his brains.I don't know about ceramic pads, another thing to google I suppose.FYI White wagon with tech pack, 18 inch black pack, comfort pack and auto boot for 44K. It does have smartlink, but interestingly enough when I connected my android phone and put on google maps, the screen went blank when the car was in motion only to return once stationary. Now coming up to 2500K and getting 9.4L/100km driven in D and S. Firstly what options are there to upgrade, and secondly is there anyone near Brighton area who can assist? I can't find clear information if the Columbus system in a MY15/15.5 (to get the 1.2% finance) includes Smart Link (Car Play/Android Auto).This brochure (PDF) just says "8" Columbus...including Apple Connectivity". They are certainly are putting a lot of resources into correcting what is a monumental corporate blunder. I put my VIN in and was told instantaneously that my Octavia 1Z 125TDI RS has the engine with the dicky software.Drive claimed a (generic) 5% optimism on their Octavia test(which is an entirely typical figure across manufacturers);so that's about 5.2l/100km on "factory" tyres.

Around town there is still more fuel consumption in sports mode but it is marginal. You can use the testing excuse to justify it & have a load of fun at the same time. Cheaper than a new tire had I not been aware of the slow leak. They aren't an issue with petrol engines; a 3-way catalytic converter is sufficient.I'ld be checking out the class action if it were me. That would promote a secondary situation where they are thendangerously underpowered and run like sick chooks. Yes it's out by 0.2/0.3l/100km, but i'll be doing it again with this tank. We discussed the discrepancy in earlier posts but I'd hadn't ran this test yet.I don't do GPS or apps so it's just the calculator and me.Just like diesels may be more fuel efficient but they spew out loads more NOx.Noted on my RS Octavia My16 that on start up sometimes the navigation system takes a few seconds to get going, and on other occasions it starts up immediately, This may happen from overnight start or within minutes of turning the engine off.You are welcome Kaineth but you best re-read my post.